5 things to look for on a campus visit at The University of the Arts

Written by Sara Lesneski Attending college tours is very important to not only see the layout of the school, but also to understand the tone and atmosphere of the university. I toured The University of the Arts twice. Once before I applied to see what it was like more

Five Things to Avoid at Bowling Green State University Firelands

Written by Garrett Cross             The BGSU Firelands Campus is filled with many diverse and great people, fun activities, beautiful scenery, and engaging classwork. However, like all campuses, there are more

5 things to look for on a campus visit at Marquette University

Written by Theresa Murphy Campus visits are an important part of deciding what college to attend. Getting a feel for the school and trying to imagine yourself as one of the students walking on campus is a good way to see if it’s the right fit for you. more

Top 5 Things to Do on the Weekend at Indiana University

Written by Maura Johnson IU and its surrounding towns have so much to offer to both students and visitors throughout the week and especially on the weekends. Whether you’re a homebody, nature lover, or adventure-seeker, there’s something for everyone. more

5 Things I Wish I Knew Before Attending Brigham Young University

Written by Kayli Hansen So you’ve researched every school on your list and visited some of the campuses. After much thought, you have decided that Brigham Young University is the right place for you. However, I’m sure you’ve found that even after more

5 Things to Avoid at University of Wisconsin-Madison

Written by Emily Beyer           1. Avoid parking on campus whenever possible. Unless you have a parking pass, which can be quite expensive, parking on campus can be a hassle and can become pricey very quickly. If you are not living on more

5 things to do on the weekend at NYU Manhattan:

Written by Chris Cheng You could do what the tour books and many of the guides for study abroad students say, such as visit the Museum of Modern Art. But there are several limits to doing only these, beginning with that so many people do them. Here are some more

5 things to avoid at Keller Graduate School of Management

Written by Porntipa Puengjangam             1. Don’t rely on too much Caffeine           Undergrad was really tough, and full of socializing life for you. For Graduate school, it is way less intense more