5 Things to Avoid at Arizona State University Online

Written by Alexa Evans After years of wanting to return back to Berlin, Germany to live, I found a haven in Arizona State University's online courses and all of the infinite possibilities that come along with an exclusively online program. From the 200th best University more

Top 5 Things to do on the Weekend at UNC Charlotte

Written by Grant Wiedenheft All students are familiar with the freedom that the weekend brings. It’s the time to relax from your long week and perfect for either being lazy around the house or going and doing things that classes just didn’t give more

5 things to avoid at NYU Manhattan

Written by Chris Cheng It surrounds one of NYC’s most popular public parks. Depending on how you see it, this means great food, easy transportation, and a variety of places to relax. But with a lot of great everything still comes things to avoid, such more

5 things to avoid at Gonzaga University

Written by Rebecca Popara One of the best pieces of advice I got before starting at Gonzaga is that college is what you make of it. I couldn’t agree more. It’s so important to seize opportunities and try your best. However, there are also things to more

5 things to avoid at Marquette University

Written by Theresa Murphy While there are many amazing things about any college, there are also a few things that you should avoid. Excessive partying, skipping your classes, and stressing so much about classes that you miss out on the extracurricular experiences more

Five things to avoid at FIU

Written by Luis Moreno The decisions that you make during your college life can have a big impact on your experience during that time. Depending on your response to different situations, it can become your experience into positive or negative. Even though more

5 things to avoid at Western New England University

Written by Heather A. Krotz            1. Avoid parking in Herman Lot. Herman Hall is an academic building, the parking lot right outside is easy to access, but is usually full. It is saved for staff (i.e. professors, faculty, more

5 Things to Avoid at UNC Charlotte

Written by Grant Wiedenheft People naturally adapt to their surroundings. If you live in the North, you dress more warmly than you would in the South. If you live in Florida, you know not to go swimming in a random lake because there are alligators. A college more