5 things to look for on a campus visit at The University of the Arts

Written by Sara Lesneski

Attending college tours is very important to not only see the layout of the school, but also to understand the tone and atmosphere of the university. I toured The University of the Arts twice. Once before I applied to see what it was like and to learn more about it. Then I toured the campus again once I got accepted and knew I would definitely be attending there. I think it is important to tour the school you are going to again after you commit because you will have a different outlook on your tour. The first time I went it was just based on curiosity. However, the second tour was me really paying attention and thinking, “Ok this is where I will have class,” “This is where I will be eating my meals,” “This is where I will be living.” Making yourself more comfortable in that atmosphere will make the transition into university easier. When you tour The University of the Arts it is important to keep in mind to:

          1. Visit the floor of your department

Terra Hall is the main academic building of The University of the Arts. It is a tall building downtown by City Hall. Terra is 18 stories tall, each story being for a different department. So, when you go on your tour, make sure to visit your department floor! Check out the classrooms, the studios, the lounge areas, and soak in the overall tone of the floor!

          2. Talk with faculty in your department

While you are visiting your department floor, it is important to talk to any faculty you may meet! Believe it or not, they will remember you! Take that extra step to make a great first impression. It is a great opportunity to come in your first day already having met the professor.

          3. Ask questions about studios

Ask plenty of questions while you are on your department floor about what studio classes you will be taking. That way you can keep those themes in the back of your mind throughout the summer. You will come in the fall already having a head start just by knowing what the studio classes will be about.

          4. Visit all the dorms

We have four dorms on campus, I suggest asking your tour guide to take you to all four buildings so you can see which one you like best! Seeing all the dorms is important because even if you do not get into your first choice, you are not blind sighted by what the other dorms look like. It's important to know the layout of your dorm room so you know how much stuff you can fit in your room. Because more than luckily, you can’t bring all 5 of your One Direction cardboard cut-outs. Also, luckily, no dorms at UArts have communal bathrooms! Trust me, that is a big pro.

          5. Exchange contact information with the other students on your tour

I know it can be awkward trying to talk to the other kids on your tour since everyone is with their families, but try and find the right time to ask them for their Instagram handle or Snapchat to keep in touch! It’s great to have allies when you arrive at school.

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