5 things to avoid at Keller Graduate School of Management

Written by Porntipa Puengjangam


          1. Don’t rely on too much Caffeine

          Undergrad was really tough, and full of socializing life for you. For Graduate school, it is way less intense compared from my experience. All the class is only available either in the late evening or online class. These options make everything easy for people who work full time or anyone who has plenty of other things to do apart from studying. Drinking coffee for graduate class is really not a big deal but we don’t need to depend on it at all. We don’t have to rely on coffee or tea to stay up to read a lot of books as we used to do in undergrad school. As long as you’re focusing on what you’ve participated in class is really what you need.

          2. Socializing is good but not too much

          After school, we all need to find connections, new friends, or study after school. Graduate school is not really having a group gathering or socializing every weekend like undergraduate school. People have family, full time jobs, and getting some assignments done. You also spend money while you’re going out, you will be grown enough to think that it is better to save some money. Preparing what you need in the near future. Organize your tasks, what to get done first, and you will feel more disciplined to be able to less socialize and spend more time focusing on yourself and school.

          3. Sleep is a must

          It is inevitable that you need sleep more like adults that should get 7 to 9 hours sleep every night. When you’re growing up, you have to be more careful about sleeping. It is one of the most important routines that you have to practice to make yourself start a day fresh. It affects your school as well, you can think clearly, creatively, and way more productive in school and other daily activities.

          4. Exercise and eat healthy

          Another way to stay healthy while studying abroad is to keep yourself healthy. It is really expensive to go to the hospital or just go check up with the doctor. Without insurance, being an international student here in the US is really scary when you get sick. To stay healthy and working out everyday is the way to save all the money for your essential things. From my own experience, I usually do exercise every week, three to four times because it is a way to keep myself fresh and ready to start a day.

          5. Spending time alone is good but has limits.

          It is really fascinating in the US that there are many subscriptions, television lines, social media entertainments for you to kill sometimes and entertaining ourselves all the time. You really have to be careful when you’re spending time alone a lot on these entertainment things. You have to be careful not to spend too much time and forget what you really need to focus on. School is what you came for as an international student. Managing a time to put yourself with entertainment is not bad at all, but organizing when is the proper time to do so.

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