Five Things to Avoid at Bowling Green State University Firelands

Written by Garrett Cross

            The BGSU Firelands Campus is filled with many diverse and great people, fun activities, beautiful scenery, and engaging classwork. However, like all campuses, there are certain aspects that you’d be best to avoid. From parking tickets, to the interesting geese; here are five things to avoid at Bowling Green State University Firelands.

          1. The Center Point Center *during events, conferences etc.*

The Cedar Point Center (CPC) is one of three main buildings within Firelands’ compact campus. It offers desktop computers, printing, a conference hall, and the most comfortable seating on campus. However, if there was ever a time to avoid cramming for a big test, or relaxing between classes, it is when the building is housing a convention of any kind. As mentioned above, the CPC has a large conference hall, used for graduations to scholarship ceremonies and anything in between. When such events are held, the entire building becomes a raucous, rambunctious, and roaringly noisy mad house. Studying or getting a few extra Z’s between classes becomes near impossible. Any other time, the CPC is the best choice on campus, but during any large convention? Try the library.

          2. Parking Tickets

            Being a commuter campus, Firelands has strict parking rules. Making sure to register any vehicle you might drive to class is the best way to be certain you won’t get a ticket. There’s always ample parking space, so there is no need to worry about not getting a spot, just make sure to register the car.

          3. The Geese

            Firelands has a beautiful pond with a walkway encircling it. Behind this are some well maintained trails through the woods. This area, behind the main buildings, is really Firelands’ best secret, as there are rarely people enjoying such a lovely location. The one drawback to this are the geese. Every year, a flock of geese take up residency at the pond. And while they add to other ambiance of the serene vista, get too close and they aren’t afraid to back you away. So, when going for a walk around the lovely pond, add a few extra feet between you and the mama goose.

          4. The Coffee Vending Machine

            If you are anything like me, a finals week, or even a semester, cannot be gotten through without copious amounts of coffee. I’ve tried all the available coffee on campus, and the ones to avoid always come from a vending machine. The coffee is watery, has strange ratios of cream, and  is overly expensive. A secret: The Teaching Learning Center, and Library both offer complimentary coffee that tastes much better than the pricey vending machine java.

          5. The Teaching Learning Center (TLC)

            Okay, this one might be a bit of a stretch. The TLC is a fantastic facility that offers tutors, study areas, computers, and printers. I have been to the TLC countless times for help on final projects, hard subjects, and various homework assignments. If needed, I highly recommend going to the TLC for the wonderful help. The staff is friendly and considerate. But why bother getting behind in class and not communicating with the professor. If you can help it, keep up in class and talk with the instructor about any areas of struggle. This way you can hopefully avoid going to the TLC.

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