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GENY traces its origins to 1995 when it was founded as a computer training school. It has evolved into a teaching institution that serves the needs of a broad range of students, offering programs in practical ESL (English as a Second Language), Accounting, Nursing, Fashion Design, IT Support, Web Design, and other emerging popular fields of study.
The school is ideally located at the heart of the cultural, financial, and economic center of the world, with easy access to the capital of high finance, Wall Street, trendy Fashion Avenue, Chinatown, art galleries, and museums, as well as restaurants and nightlife to please the appetites of all comers.
GENY has a friendly and professional staff of teachers and administrators whose overriding mission is to help our students develop in their respective fields of study while also encouraging them to explore, discover, and experience the many opportunities available in New York.

Our Mission

GENY's primary mission is to provide our students with a quality multi-dimensional education that enhances their career opportunities and ultimately their lives. We have four constituents – students, employees, prospective employers, and the school itself – all of which are interdependent and can only prosper if the other three do as well. We continually monitor the trends and needs of the world outside our school to keep our academic curriculum always relevant. In addition to providing an education in the classroom, we endeavor to expose our international body of students to the many cultural experiences that only New York City affords.

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Available courses

Course Name Price from Start Date Duration & Tuition Application fee  
English as Second Language

Each level of GENY's ESL program is designed to improve a student's English speaking skills while meeting certain grammatical, reading, writing, and listening requirements that prepare him or her for the next level.Generally, students stay in a level for 12 weeks, after which they are given a final exam and elevated to the next level.Students are treated on an individual basis, however, and there will be students who need to spend more (or less) time in any given level.

  • Level 1

                    The first level is designed for students who have a reasonably good knowledge of grammar and vocabulary from studying English in their home countries. but require more practice and experience speaking the language. The primary focus of this class is to have students listen, comprehend, and respond using complete sentences. Most classroom activities are built around teacher-directed conversations that might include real-time corrections. Subject areas to be covered include: pronunciation, idioms (or common American-English expressions), comparative and superlative forms, describing past events and personal history, the 1st conditional, and the proper use of possessive pronouns.

  • Level 2

                    The second level takes the basics of speech that were developed in level one and expands them. It’s geared towards enhancing fluency and accuracy. Conversations are topical and students are expected to speak at length about various issues. This is also the level at which students begin to use more advanced sentence structures. Specific areas to be covered include: past and perfect tenses, improved pronunciation, the imaginary 2nd conditional, ways of discussing the future, question tags,and the world of work (filling out job applications, interviews, resumes, and phone skills).

  • Level 3

                    In order to advance into the higher levels of our ESL program and ultimately speak English fluently, students must understand the language on an intellectual level. For this reason, Level 3 focuses more on writing than the other levels. Like all of the other levels, classes in this level are centered on conversations and discussions. More importantly, students in the Intermediate level will also be required to write complex sentences and paragraphs to show their understanding. Topics to be covered include: reported speech, phrasal verbs and practical expressions, hopes, regrets and the 3rd Conditional.

  • Level 4

    Upper Intermediate:
                    Level four is all about topical conversation, expanding vocabulary, and improving the student’s ability to catch all the nuances and meaning entailed in natural spoken English. The course utilizes the “Consider the Issues” book series, which includes long-format, real radio interviews from National Public Radio. A portion of this class is devoted to listening to these interviews, discussing the details, and using new vocabulary related to the issues. In addition, students expand their knowledge of phrasal verbs, idioms, expressions, and American culture (what Americans talk about and how they talk about it).

  • Level 5

                    The Advanced class is designed for students who either have passed all the lower levels or have substantial experience speaking English, having lived in English-speaking countries or worked in English-speaking enterprises. The objectives in this level are to increase comprehension of spoken English to 100% and to minimize the number of errors in the student's speech. The class is based on topical conversation and uses primary sources like magazine articles, TV clips, and internet sources to expand vocabulary and spark conversation. The objective of this course is to increase fluency, while simultaneously correcting the bad habits and poor pronunciation that a student may have picked up.

  • Level 6

                    The goal of our most advanced class is to increase the diversity and fluency with which students use the English language. A common problem that some advanced students have is that even though they understand almost everything that is said to them, they rely on a very limited set of expressions, verbs, and adjectives to express themselves. Using mostly primary sources, including magazines, radio, and film, our Proficiency course is an adventurous endeavor towards using the right kinds of words and phrases for the right topics. In addition, the course incorporates a lot of speaking games, discussions, and debates in which students are encouraged to express their thoughts fully, boosting fluency and breaking bad habits in the process. It is our hope that the exercises and work done in the final level will not only make our students proficient in  English but eloquent as well.

$2100.00   $195
English Immersion Program

GENY's intensive 4-week program consists of personalized classes from Monday to Thursday. Outside activity on Friday reinforces what students have been learning in class. This program is designed for businessmen who desire to use English confidently in work enviroment. The 30-36 hr per week class allows flexibility ( the extra 6 hours is optional).

The individualized training will aid students with professional needs, such as expanding one's vocabuliary and improving one's critical thinking abilities while fine-tuning the skills learned through the individual's major ( ex: The Financial Analyst route, problematic cases, decisions made and more). The program is designed for the professional student who needs to improve quickly and better his communications skills at his current position. Graduates of this program prove to be true assets in the workplace. 

Class Schedule

 9:00-11:00 am  Intensive English

11:00-11:30 am ( break)

11:30-01:30 pm Elective ( ex: speaking class)

01:30-03:30 pm ESL course

03:30-04:30 pm ( lunch)

04:30-5:30 pm Individualized Training

$2000.00   $195


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