Digital Film Academy New York


DFA is conveniently located just one block from the world famous Times Square entertainment district in New York City. It is the crossroad of the entertainment industry and the best place to learn digital filmmaking and media!

DFA limits class sizes to between 10 and 15 students. Most classes average between 6 to 12 students. This means you will have more hands-on time with equipment and more one-on-one time with your instructor.

DFA instructors are educators and working professionals in the film, television, video and media industry. Instructors provide valuable feedback about the industry and getting employed!

Only DFA has unlimited use of equipment and editing/computer labs during courses. How else can a person become proficient at a technical skill? This is the key to your success and it’s in your hands… so use it! Additional Edit lab time after course completion when you enroll in a Digital Film Academy Filmmaking Program or Digital Media Course, you will receive two to four weeks of additional edit lab time after course completion to finish working on any class projects and to develop your reel. The additional edit lab time during and after your course equals more practice, better proficiency and skill development.

DFA works with professionals and educators in the industry to create hands-on, immersive programs. Curriculum, equipment, and software is continuously updated and improved to benefit DFA’s students! Whether you are interested in taking a short digital media course to find out if film or digital media is the career choice for you, or a full-time program to gain the necessary skills to begin working in the industry, or whether you need to create a portfolio to apply for a Masters program at a University, DFA has a program to fit your goals, schedule and budget. Students have ample opportunities to work with equipment and to advance their skills by completing digital film projects.

Programs Offered:

One Year Digital Filmmaking Conservatory - Entrance Fall, Spring and Summer

Advanced Digital Filmmaking Conservatory - Entrance Fall, Spring and Summer


High School Diploma

NO English test requered.

How to Apply:

1. Select a Program

2. Select Start date

3. Register and pay the $95 application fee

What is next:

In 2-3 days, we will contactyou to schedule your interview


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630 9th Ave Suite 901, New York, NY 10036


Available courses

Course Name Price from Start Date Duration & Tuition Application fee  
One Year Digital Filmmaking Conservatory

The One Year Digital Filmmaking Conservatory Program combines practical, hands-on training with the critical theory and foundation that enables beginning level film students to develop into professional filmmakers. Students not only learn the technical elements of film and media production, but as with any conservatory program, a strong emphasis is placed on artistic representation and delivery. Specifically the development of disciplines such as emotional clarity, physical representation and storytelling. Experience level: no filmmaking experience necessary.


DF-100 Project Proposal
DF-101 Film History
DF-102 Screenwriting I
DF-103 Directing I
DF-104 DV Cinematography I
DF-105 Sound Recording I
DF-107 Producing I
DF-109 Applied Pre-production I
DF-110 Applied Production I
DF-111 Edit Theory (Art of Editing)
DF-112 Video Editing I
DF-115 New Media Technologies
DF-150 Career and Portfolio Development
Elective I
DF-113 Sound Editing & Design I
DF-114 Applied Post Production I
DF-212 Video Editing II
Elective II



$17420.00   $95
Advanced Digital Filmmaking Conservatory

Now that you have mastered the foundation technical and artistic elements of digital film making, it is time to take your skills and vision to the next level— a professional production and artistic level. Students learn the latest advanced techniques and industry software. Students will also be taught never shown before methods on how to engage the audience and making sure that they are not passive observers. This is a vital artistic technique developed exclusively by DFA’s Director to help you transform the viewer from just ‘the audience’ to ‘your audience’.

Also In this program, students will learn cinematography using RED Cinema cameras. Students will also further their directing skills by learning advanced techniques aimed at effectively manipulating the audience. Filmmakers complete their own film projects from conception to screening.

    • Students receive a Professional Certificate in Advanced Digital Filmmaking.
    • 24-30 hours per week (instruction + labs).
    • Full Time, 900 hours / 50 total credits
    • Prerequisite: Prerequisite: Completion of One Year Program or equivalent experience. In order to demonstrate your current experience level, contact our Admissions Department to request a portfolio form which you can complete and return to us for review.


DF-200 Project Proposal
DF-202 Screenwriting II
DF-203 Directing II
DF-204 DV Cinematography II
DF-205 Sound Recording II
DF-207 Production Management
DF-209 Applied Pre-production II
DF-106 Script Supervising

DF-250 Career & Portfolio Development
DF-210 Applied Production II
Elective I
Elective II
DF-212 Video Editing II
DF-213 Sound Editing & Design I or II
DF-214 Applied Post Production II
Elective III



$16750.00   $95


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Sinem S.
Teacher Quality Social Activities Location
Personal Attention Facilities City Safety

Recently filmed a project here and I couldn't be happier. Patrick was the best. Most accommodating, helpful, and above and beyond what I expected. The location is very convenient as well, the students very talented, and everyone there was extremely friendly. I look forward to future projects !

William G.
Teacher Quality Social Activities Location
Personal Attention Facilities City Safety

The place where you want to be as a up and coming film maker! The staff are always helpful and knowledgeable. Of course; students MUST be willing to put forth the effort in order to SUCCEED! Dollar for dollar this school gives those who are interested in becoming film makers 'the biggest bang for the buck'-the best value in NYC for the tuition cost.

Dave N.
Teacher Quality Social Activities Location
Personal Attention Facilities City Safety

There is great use of expertise, student based learning and hands-on equip training. There is also provision of diverse learning areas, much as at certain points, students are advised to specialize in their areas of interest.

Mona G.
Teacher Quality Social Activities Location
Personal Attention Facilities City Safety

Class styles and proffesors are engaging and animating also smaller sized classes for better focus. The school also provides you with internships, facility and equipment use and also provides active work.

Thomas M.
Teacher Quality Social Activities Location
Personal Attention Facilities City Safety

Excellent training! This place is a little gem. It's like New York City's best kept secret, as far as film programs go. I did the One Year Digital Filmmaking program and despite having no experience, I got professional training in Directing, Cinematography, Screenwriting, Video Editing, Sound Editing, Sound Design, Producing etc.