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Apicius International School of Hospitality is the first International School of Hospitality in Italy. The city of Florence – a top global destination for millions of tourists and a thriving center of cuisine, wine, hospitality and art – offers an unparalleled natural environment to the School of Hospitality. Founded in 1997, the school is now an internationally respected leader in academic, professional and career oriented education. All of the above academic areas have been developed and expanded with the rapid changes in higher education and the demand for international experiences. The school has grown to offer 1 four-year program, 5 career programs, and postgraduate studies.

Programs Offered:

One-Year, 2 Levels

Baking and Pastry

Culinary Arts

Hospitality Management 

Wine Study and Enology

Two - Year, 4 LEVELS 

Culinary Arts

Hospitality Managemnt 

Semester-Based Master Programs

Master in Italian Cuisine a yearlong certificate (Sept-May) and includes practical experience integrated to the program structure.

Master in International Baking and Pastry a semester-long certificate (Sept-Dec) and includes practical experience integrated to the program structure.



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Via Guelfa, 85-114-116, 50129 Firenze, Italy


Available courses

Course Name Price from Start Date Duration & Tuition Application fee  
One Year Culinary Art Program

Level I – Beginning (Fall, Spring, or Summer)

Introduction to Professional Cooking Experiential Learning

Wines I

Tradition of Italian Food I

Breads of Italy Specialty Breads

Italian Regional Cuisine


Level II – Advanced (Fall, Spring, or Summer)


Professional Cooking II: Italian Creative Cuisine and Decoration Experiential Learning

Baking Techniques I
Tradition of Italian Food II
Restaurant Management
Wines of the World

$   $95
One Year Italian Baking and Pastry Program

Level I – (Fall or Spring)

Pastry Shop Experiential Learning

Baking Techniques I

Cookies and Petit Fours

Breads of Italy and Specialty Breads
Italian Classical Cakes and Tarts


Level II – (Spring or Summer)


Dessert Styling

Baking Techniques II: Italian Pastry Techniques

Italian Confectionary Art

Restaurant and Production Desserts Experiential Learning

Chocolate Artistry

$   $95
One Year Hospitality Management Program

Level I (Fall)


Front of the House Management Experiential Learning

Introduction to Hospitality
Human Resource Management

Supervision and Leadership in the Hospitality Industry

Food and Culture

Level II (Spring)


Hospitality Accounting

Wines I

Restaurant Management Experiential Learning

Hospitality Marketing

The Client - Customer Relation Management

$   $95
One Year Wine and Enology Program

Level I (Fall)

Wine Appreciation I

Food and Beverage Operaitons and Management Experiential Learning

Table and Wine Grapes of Italy: an Educational Wine Tour I

Tuscany and Its Wines  

Wines of the World I


Level II (Spring)


Wine Appreciation II
Wine Communications and Marketing Experiential Learning
Viticulture and Enology: An Educational Wine Tour II
Professional Pairing Food and Wine Advanced

Wines of The World II

$   $95
Master in Italian Cuisine

Please note: The program is one year long (September-May, 2 semesters) 




  • Detailed CV demonstrating a bachelor’s degree in culinary arts and/or hospitality with evaluation reports or transcripts or at least 3 years of professional experience.
  • Successful performance on both a written exam and a practical test at the start of the term.



Semester I (Fall)


Menu Development

Introduction to Italian Gastronomy: Food and Culture

Master Italian Pastry Arts Experiential Learning

Italian Pasta Workshop Experiential Learning

Advanced Italian Restaurant Cooking I Experiential Learning (continues as Project I and II during Intersession Weeks)


Semester II (Spring)


Advanced Italian Restaurant Cooking II Experiential Learning (continues as Project I, II, III, and IV during Intersession Weeks)

Master Italian Pastry Arts Experiential Learning

Italian Product Knowledge

Interpersonal Communication

Dietetics and Nutrition in the Mediterranean

Mediterranean Cuisine and Ingredients Experiential Learning

$   $95


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