Top 5 things to do on the weekend at Florida International University

Written by Luis Moreno

One of the good things about going to college is that you have the opportunity to discover and explore new places in the campus's surroundings. Depending on the state or city where the university is located, you will find different places to meet or activities to do. Being FIU ubicated in Miami, Florida, the number of different activities to discover is almost limitless.

Miami is one of the most visited cities in the country. It does not only offer you beautiful beaches, but it also is in the most multicultural places in the U.S. Because of it, I will recommend the top 5 things to do on the weekend being an FIU student.

          1. Visit some beaches. 

There is no way that you visit Miami and do not go to the beaches. It is the perfect place to go and relax before exams or to go and celebrate after exams. Do not forget that you would be living where millions of people go for tourism, so take advantage of that and visit as many amazing beaches as you can.

          2. Enjoy the nightlife.  Besides the beach, Miami is well known for its nightlife. Bars and clubs are there waiting for you to go and have a great time with friends or with new people. Of course, do not fall into excesses. Partying is very attractive, but do not make it your whole life. Try keeping the balance between studies and diversion. 

          3. Go to the events.  Miami is also the place where multiple events occur every year. On the most famous is the Ultra event. It is an electronic music event where thousands of people from all around the world meet in the same place to hear their favorite DJs. You will also have the opportunity to go to amazing concerts from the biggest artist in the world at the American Airlines Arena.

         4. Be part of the multiculturalism. Millions of people have come to live in Miami from all around the world, mostly Latin Americans. They have brought a big diversity of cultures to live in the same city. You will find thousands of different food plates and music offered by local restaurants all around the city.

         5. Do not forget the parks.  I know they are not in Miami, but they are not that far. The most important ones, such as Universal and Disney, are in Orlando (3 hours from Miami). They are some of the most famous amusement parks in the world, so you do not want to lose the opportunity to visit them.

We all know how stressful it can be a student's life, so do not forget about taking some time for yourself and having some fun to relax your mind. It would also give you some life experiences that you will always remember. Go and take some advantage of the amazing entertainment activities that FIU and its surroundings have to offer you.  


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